Things To Keep In Mind For Cord Blood And Tissue Banking

Cord blood banking and cord tissue banking have become very popular in past few years. Since it was discovered that these stem cells could be used in the treatment of various diseases, more and more people are opting for saving these cells for their children and family. The stored blood and tissues are rich sources of stem cells. Moreover, these cells can be the perfect match for the child.

Although the process of collecting and storing these is not cumbersome, there are certain things parents need to keep in mind if they want to opt for this banking.

Things to Keep in Mind for cord and tissue banking (you can check more tips on Stemcyte website)

• Harvesting and collecting of the blood and tissue is a painless process. No special hospitals or elaborate set-ups are needed from the user’s side.
• The decision to store the cord blood and tissues should be made before delivery as the harvesting needs to be done immediately after cutting of umbilical cord.
• The customers have to pay for the storage facility. The cost usually involves an initial cost of processing and annual cost of banking them.
• The storage is done in special bags which are mostly provided by the banking facility. These bags are insulated to maintain the optimum temperature so as not to damage the stem cells.
• The blood cord and tissue can also be donated to the public banks for the immediate use.
As evident from above, the harvesting of cord blood and tissue can be adopted by anyone who is about to give birth.

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