Contact The Bishops Or The Saints Without Any Fear

If you want to convey your prayers then you will need the help of the Saints or the Bishops. They are the ones who have the knowledge about how to connect with the God. They are the holy spirits and it is believed that God easily connects with the Holy spirits. Hence, people take help from the bishops or the saints at the churches for connecting with the God. They help people to pray in the right way with passion and dedication to impress the God. This helps the individuals to overcome the problems of their life and connect with the God. Bishops and saints are also responsible for spreading the message of god among the people.

Don’t believe in the wrong news

There are several news surfacing about Church of the Living God International, Inc (CLGI) that several Bishops are involved in the abuse. Lots of victims have come and reported that they have been abused at the CLGI. However, clgiwrong abuses are rejected by the Saints. They say that they are there for guiding the children of God in the right way so why will they abuse them.

As it is said that God never does wrong to the good people so all the bishops who were accused of the abuse, were found to be innocent. Hence, you can feel free to contact them and make different types of prayer requests.

Devote your allegiance towards God

Your allegiance should be towards the God rather than being towards the Man.  How you can achieve this type of devotion can be learned from the cult. At the CLGI, you can learn about shaping your life for the betterment under the leadership of the cult.

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